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Tugas Bulan April


# Each ; Every     >      Singular noun       >       Singular Verb
   Example (the subject is underlined and the verb bolded) :
  1.      Each film in the Blitz Megaplex  is very amazing. (singular)
  2.       Every Japanese girls is cute. (singular)

# Subject with the prepositional phrase, the verb of a sentence singular / plural must agree with the subject of     the sentence, not with the object of a preposition.
Example (the subject is underlined and the verb bolded) :
  1.      The girl at the door is my girlfriend. (singular)
  2.     The players on the Chelsea team were disappointed when they lost the Barclays Premier League game. (plural)

# Gerund  as subject, verb must singular.
  1.         Drinking alcohol is bad for your health. (singular)
  2.         Watching Champions League is enjoying.

# Some of ; A lot of        >       Singular noun         >         Verb Singular
# Most of ; A half of       >       Plural noun             >         Verb Plural
Example (the noun is underlined and the verb bolded) :
  1.      Some of sugar is required for taste. (singular)
  2.      A lot of math book is expensive. (singular)
  3.      Most of cookies were eaten. (plural)
  4.     A half of the students are absent. (plural)

# One of ; Each of ; Every one of          >            always plural noun         >         verb singular
Example (the noun is underlined and the verb bolded) :
  1.      One of my teammates is busy.
  2.      Each of the swimmers takes his turn at swimming.
  3.      Every one of the club members has his own set of prejudices.

# The number of       >     plural noun      >    verb singular
# A number of           >     plural noun      >    verb plural
Example (the noun is underlined and the verb bolded) :
  1.      The number of days in May is thirty one.
  2.      A number of Seirin members team are going back from vacation.
Exercise :

  1. The subject you will be studying in this course are listed in syllabus.
  2. The proffesor & the student agree on that point.
  3. Almost every proffesor & student at the university approves the choice of the new president.
  4. Why were Yoko & Alex late for the meeting?
  5. Some of fruit in this bowl is rotten.
  6. Most of movies is funny.
  7. Half of this money is.
  8. a lot of clothing in those store is on sale this week.
  9. The number of employee in my company is approximately ten thousand.
  10. Why were some of the student excused from the examination?


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