Senin, 23 Agustus 2010

Tugas LIA

The Negative Effects of Smackdown
                        In this era, TV shows in great demand by many people. From adults to children, from older to younger. TV as has “poisoned” everyone with their programs. It’s Fair if the TV programs interest people, because TV have an entertaining event and useful. But there are some program’s very bad events especially for children, like Smackdown and many violent shows. And sometimes children like to imitate what’s on Smackdown. In my opinion, there are three negative effects of watching Smackdown: Many children try it at home, many people lack of sleep due to watching Smackdown, and some people to have bad morals.
                        First, many children try it at home. Smackdown a lot of players look good. It attracted many viewers to see the game, apalalgi children. but that was nothing compared to their game. they tend to play rough and it was seen by many viewers is no exception by the children. children who saw it thought the action was right to try it at home. they try to play Smackdown with their friends. It is very dangerous if they are also echoed in dangerous places. If it is left alone it will cause casualties. Because the children only imitate what they see without knowing what will happen to him if they do.
                        Second, many people lack of sleep due to watching Smackdown. Smackdown games are usually held at night. but not infrequently carried out in daylight. but in Indonesia all the Smackdown show aired at midnight. it was not rare to make people less sleep. It also makes them often too late to go on the move in the morning. sometimes there is a defense-defense does not sleep just to watch Smackdown. some people look sleepy in the morning if they stay up. Besides making them late to do any activities and stay up it can make people sick.
                        At the last, some people to have bad morals. Smackdown can make a moral human being rotten. It happens because many scenes of violence that was shown by Smackdown. They often perform scenes hit, slammed, and even threw a hard object. It will affect to all who watch. For the players, maybe it was normal for they, but for viewer it will make them immitate these styles. Maybe some people do not imitate the action, but for those who are less understanding about the dangers of copying deeds Smackdown players will make their intention of fatherly example, do the violent event, and even make it into daily activities. After daily activities then it will carry over to their morale.
                        In conclusion, Smackdown has many negative effects for children and adults,and it’s complicated to moral. So, don’t try the performence from smackdown player, and try to decrease bad impacts of smackdown now.
 bsa komen koq kalo salah gans..

Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010

Buat para gamers
biar permainan itu menjadi menarik tanpa cheat
dan buat para Cheater jangan cheat lagi ooi